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At Hotel Kid Care, we strive day in and day out to serve as a helpful resource to those in need. From a range of childcare, elder care, and pet sitting services, these Care FAQ identify some of the most frequently asked questions – and answers – to guide you in the right direction.​

These FAQs won’t cover everything, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 
Contact us at (321) 344-0627 to find out how we can help.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply contact us via our website or call us at (321) 344-0627. Let’s talk to see how we may best be of service. Depending on what you feel is necessary, we can arrange a time to schedule a personal assessment so we can complete the picture.

We will work with you to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. We can arrange for services ranging from a  a simple date night, a couple of hours a week to around-the-clock care. No need is too great.

Q: What makes Hotel Kid Care different from other companies? 
A: What distinguishes Hotel Kid Care is that the care we provide revolves around you, our client. The services we provide are custom tailored to each client’s individual needs. We are also available to all of our clients around the clock. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide service whenever it is needed.  We’ll be there anytime.  Any place. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Q: Why should I use Hotel Kid Care rather than an online service? 
A: There are several great reasons why Hotel Kid Care should be your choice for quality care. All of our caregivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. We need to make sure sitters the best in the business.

Every family needs to be aware that almost every Homeowner’s insurance policy specifically excludes anyone working within your home. If the person you hire becomes injured while working for you, you will become personally responsible for all of their medical bills. This has left several families very vulnerable when their caregiver injured themselves at their home. The potential to lose everything you have worked so hard to achieve seems an unnecessary risk. Every one of Hotel Kid Care’s employees are completely covered by insurance so you and your loved ones can relax knowing that if something unforeseen happens to your sitter, they are completely covered by insurance.

Q: How much do the services cost?
A: Hotel Kid Care offers several levels of care and costs are determined based on each client’s needs. Call our office at 321-344-0627 and have an intake coordinator assess your situation. We will then be more than happy to provide you a quote on the price of services.

Q: Are your services only for children?
A: No, we also provide services to new mothers, individuals with disabilities, victims of accidents, people recovering from a recent illness or surgery, anyone who needs a little help getting around the house. Our care professionals specialize in providing a full range of care. Anytime, any place.

Q: Who pays the sitter – me or you?
A: You pay us directly. Hotel Kid Care handles all the payroll, taxes, insurance and administrative responsibilities for you.


Q: Can I change the schedule if I have appointments?
A: Yes, changes are easily accommodated. Our clients’ needs always come first.


Q: Do I have to sign a contract to keep services for a specified period of time?
A: No. At Hotel Kid Care, we are flexible to your needs and recognize that due to changing circumstances, you may need to increase or decrease services. Whether you need us for one hour or 24, our answer is, “Yes we can!”

Q: Are your services available for the elderly in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?
A: Yes, we can provide services wherever clients reside or are located.


Q: How do you select your sitters?
A: All of our sitters are rigorously screened. We interview everyone in person and then conduct a thorough reference, criminal background check, and drug screen test. Everyone that works with us, is bonded and insured.

Every one of our sitters has at least one year of experience and most have advanced training. We match sitters to you and your family based on the skills needed and personality traits necessary for a good relationship.

                                                                     CONVENTION FAQ


A: Our programs and staff can handle any age group. From six week-old infants to 17 year-olds, we are confident that our programs are the very best when it comes to keeping your kids safe and happy.


A: No matter the event, every Hotel Kid Care program is staffed with at least one On-Site manager and a Team Member. Each and every member of our staff has a background in child care and is carefully selected by our recruiting department. Your children will never be left alone and will be escorted to the restroom. Hotel Kid Care also maintains ratios far better than state regulations:

1 staff : 1 newborn
1 staff : 2 infants
1 staff : 3 toddlers
1 staff : 5 pre-schoolers
1 staff : 7 school-agers
1 staff : 10 teens


A: While every program is different, your kids can expect to participate in age-appropriate activities such as board games, arts and crafts, active play, group games, story time, music and movement, and thematic arts.


A: Hotel Kid Care only provides group child care in a daycare-like setting. If you are interested in private babysitting after our program closes, feel free to approach any of our Team Members and ask them if they’d babysit for you. Please be aware that any child care that takes place outside of the immediate program is not associated with Hotel Kid Care.


A: Depending on your event, registration can happen one of two ways: before the event and on-site. If you would like to register your child beforehand, please refer to the published materials you should have received from the event. On-site registration takes place at our program, so come early and prepared!

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