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Why Us?

Smiling Kids


  • Unbeatable reputation. Hotel Kid Care has worked hard to earn respect and a great reputation from the nanny community. We would be happy to provide testimonials from a few of our nannies.

  • We work for you! We are only as good as our nannies, and for that reason we work for our nannies just as much as we work for our clients! Hotel Kid Care acts as a liaison between the nanny and the family. We assist throughout the process, which includes interview training, resume assistance, negotiations, and a customized contract between the nanny and the family. Although Hotel Kid Care's fees come only from our clients, not our nannies, we have a great deal of loyalty to our dedicated nannies. Because we do not charge our nannies or take a commission, every penny you earn is yours! In fact, the only time money would be exchanged is if you refer a friend! We pay nannies for referrals!

  • Hotel Kid Care represents many different types of families. We are not a cookie-cutter type of agency. We represent a diverse group of clients in addition to tailoring our services to our families’ specific requests. By offering multiple types of positions, we are able to meet the needs of many nannies. We represent nannies bringing along their own child, granny-nannies, students, part-time and full-time nannies, and more!

  • We know what our nannies and families want! There are no secrets or misconceptions when working with Hotel Kid Care. We provide honest, well-informed advice to our clients and nannies. Being aware of exactly what a family wants makes our nannies’ jobs a lot easier! Expectations and details are clearly communicated.

  • Hotel Kid Care stays involved. Our job is not over once we place a nanny. We stay involved and we’re available if you need us!

  • Keep up the education with Hotel Kid Care. Our mission is to support and educate throughout the process. We believe that it is important for nannies to stay current on parenting trends and styles along with basic certifications. We are happy to sponsor nannies for these classes, and we offer a significant discount for CPR and First Aid classes.

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511954 Narcoossee Rd.

Suite 2

Orlando, FL 32832

Tel: 321-344-0627

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